Ultimate Reading List Week 5

Welcome to the new edition of Ultimate Reading List. This week we cover topics like motivation, thinking, stress and

decision making.

Amazon’s New Customer

Amazon is one of the biggest E-Commerce company in the world.  Amazon is trying to expand in other sectors as well. Amazon is transforming. Amazon is coming into groceries sector, it is the largest sector in retail. Amazon knows that it has a competition from Walmart already.This article talks about Amazon, its expansion, the strategy they’d be using, the tactics they will be using and also their goals.

Untangling Your Organisation Decision Making

Each and every company has to make some or the other decisions at some point in time. Decision made by a company is based on a lot of research and also keeping in mind the consequences. Global Companies have a lot of problems and the whole structure is extremely complex. They need to plan each and everything very carefully. With digital transformation coming in to play the process of decision making has become complex. This article talks about the categorisation of decisions and also cross-cutting decisions.


Handle Stress Better By Finding Reason

All of us at the point of our lives are stressed for various reasons. Stress doesn’t help anyone and we need obviously get out of it as soon as possible. Stress makes us build walls we want to in some sort of shell away from a lot of things. The workplace has stressed has increased over the years and has been cause of deaths as well. You can’t let stress take a toll on you. So a better of handling stress and having a better life is by knowing what is the cause of it.This article talks about how to handle stress better by knowing the root cause.


Best Advice From Microsoft All Stars

This is a very interesting article. Basically, it is about an intern at Microsoft who got advice from the seniors. These are some really good piece of advice. This article also talks about the internship journey and some essential things one needs to keep in mind in order to be successful.


Staying Motivated

At any point in our life, we need to stay motivated. Motivation gets you better results and also makes you think about things in a better way.We at some point in our life lose motivation for some or the other reason but we need to have motivation in our life to be pumped up to do our in a better way and also to be productive. This article tells us how to stay motivated always.


Think Like No One Else.

Thinking is a very important thing. We need to think like no one else. Thinking out of the box helps you develop as a person and also grow at your workplace. We need to think in a right way and also it will get more perspectives and anticipate more things. This article tells us how thinking is helpful and is very essential.


Karan Shah

Karan is a 22 year who has pursued BMM from Wilson College. He likes exploring new places. He also loves reading. And when he is not doing any of these, he likes to have a cup of black coffee and listen to some Led Zeppelin