The Ultimate Resource Guide For GK And Current Affairs

General Knowledge and Current Affair are integral parts of entrance exams like XAT and TISSNET. There are hundreds of sources in different forms to gain knowledge about the world. Many of you might feel lost as to where to begin with and which source to rely on. So we have compiled a list of some of the reliable sources you can count on to prepare for GK section of your entrance exams –

    1. The Editor’s Podcast by Livemint – Mint’s weekly news podcast is released on Fridays, where Mint’s editors pick their top stories of the week and analyse them in detail. The podcasts are short but in-depth and engaging. It’s a great source of weekly news that will help you stay updated.
    2. BBC App – With the boom of smartphones, everything you need is in your hands. So, why not news? Download BBC app and get access to breaking news instantly. You can skim through news while commuting or during a boring meeting. The app enables you to read articles, watch news videos and works on Android as well as iOS. The app also sends you news alert so that you don’t miss out on anything.
    3. The Wall Street Journal – In the era of ‘fake news’, the source of news is as important as the news itself. The Wall Street Journal is one of the few news sources that says it like it is. It emphasises on facts rather than emotional language and opinions.
    4. Manorama Year Book – This is one of the most comprehensive books that’s highly recommended for all the students preparing for entrance exams. It covers a broad range of topics from science, space exploration, environment, technology, economics, sports, literature, etc. If we had to recommend 1 book for GK prep, this would be it.
    5. Civilsdaily App – This app was started with an aim to help students prepare for UPSC and similar exams. The app has made factual points from a particular news by skimming out opinions and presented in the form of news cards. They also link related news to each other and provide background context for each news piece.
    6. NCERT Books – These books are a blessing when it comes to revising all the old concepts and information that you studied in school. These are excellent sources when it comes to brushing up your Static GK! Go through the topics under Science and Social Sciences! These can also help with making your concepts stronger for Quant.
    7. Others

    gkduniya – For GK & current affairs related to different topics
    YouTube Playlist on World History
    Harvard Business Review

    CrashCourse on Youtube

Some of the important topics you should aim to cover are –

·         Indians in news this year

·         Nobel Prize Winners

·         Cultural Festivals across India

·         Winners of Olympics and Para Olympics

·         Delhi Pollution Issue

·         Major merger and acquisitions (especially Indian)

·         World Sports (especially Tennis & badminton)

·         Cricket

·         Various awards given and to whom

·         Syrian Refugees

·         New Heads of State

·         Ramon Magsaysay Award (Indians who won it)

·         Current heads of major Global / Indian companies

·         Information on brands and companies

·         Information about Indian companies

·         Major books released & authors (Different Prizes)

·         Business related books and business biographies


Note: This is not a comprehensive list. (We will keep updating this list as and when we come across something interesting) The thing with General Knowledge is that it can be highly unpredictable. You need to be well versed with most of the things that are happening around you and around the world. Starting your preparation for General Knowledge early on can really help! 

We hope you find this list useful. If there’s any other source that you have come across and found useful, please mention in the comment section below.