Unbranded Wisdom From The MBA Summer

They exclaimed, “Things will fall in place during the MBA summer”,

but never did they tell that life can take a swing and turn out to be a bummer.


Experience of such great life turning events should be recorded,

And the race to bag such a prize needs to be rewarded.


The courage to face the repercussions of a failure,

so acute as if crafted by destiny’s tailor,

for a few chosen ones from an exclusive group to handle,

unaware of how one week can turn into a TV series scandal.


The superficial concerns of a friend,

similar to blank questions of another acquaintance.

The undue sympathies from a stranger,

that sent semaphores of danger.

The chills down the spine of uncertainty lying ahead,

gave no space to comprehend.


It wrecked the thought of knowledge, maturity or grade,

coming in handy to cope with it was a way of an upgrade.


The long journey to find peace of mind and soul slowly faded,

with step by step exclusion of every role in companies that mattered.


Passions vacated the time and heart slot,

with new tunes of worry and uncertainty playing in mind’s symphony,

not knowing that it will change the game and become the main plot,

which will lead to a new world of prudence and epiphany.


Everything fell into place and adjusted as it was already designed,

not one, or two, or three, but seven roles were swiftly aligned.


Closer to home, to my guide, to my place,

I took a chance on two as if it was a play of ace.


One that taught me professional practices, procedures and know how,

and other under my mentor for life to shine the abilities I naturally endow.


The professional one gave me a pass,

to a new world where everything is jargoned,

but the personal one was a string of contrasts,

familiarising to things that should never had to be bargained.


Money matters for survival,

not for creating a friend into rival,

it is to be earned by way of maturity,

not by merely reciting the obscurities,

these learnings did not find way before,

because emotions never matched up to academics’ score.


Instead of stress I found comfort,

learnt multitude of skills with convenient effort,

professional goals became clearer,

personal issues were shown a mirror,

all directed with the abundance of awareness,

because of the will to benchmark with fairness.


I wish I could weigh, reflect and narrow down the importance of only one,

but both independently directed towards a journey that had just begun.


The journey of self-discovery in all spheres of existence,

and finding comfort in own skin did not appear to be a mere coincidence.


Work hard and believe in this self-made kingdom,

because it has the power to create an unbranded wisdom.

Stuti Gupta

Brain is coded, heart is open circuited, profession is powered, life is scripted and soul is embedded