Unexpected Experience From An Unexpected Class At IIM Trichy

A memorable classroom experience at IIM Trichy

Before coming into B-school I always used to wonder what it would be like to study at B-school and how would be the pedagogy especially when it comes to the classroom environment. I was anxious about the classes as it had been hardly a week in the college but the one class changed all my perspective and helped to get rid of my anxiety. That class was the “Simulation Game” class.

With full of anxiety and speculation about the class, I entered into the class. I was quite surprised to see that class as it was not looking like a typical classroom. It was more looking like a corporate function room where generally people meet for functions. There were five-seater roundtables and all students settled randomly in a group of five. I was perplexed to see this kind of arrangement as it was unexpected from what I had in my mind. Probably I never expected this kind of set up in B-school.

The class started with a video sample of a game and its rules. The game was about rolling a dice where all five players would roll the dice turn by turn and pass the coins as per dice number to the next player. Initially, the first player had 70 coins and the last player had to pass the coins to the storage as per its dice number. The objective was to send the maximum number of coins to the storage after completing 20 rounds.

After completing the game, Professor started the discussion about the game and the learning outcome from it. All students were giving different perspective of this game and their learnings. I also participated in the discussion and gave my point of view on dependency while working in a team. I was amazed to see the environment which got created while having a discussion and the way professor was changing his role to facilitator as per the need of the hour but my unexpected learning came when the professor explained the business and the functionality of a manager or a leader from this exercise.

The learning which I got from this class is something which will always be a lesson for me and this experience not only changed my perspective on learning in the classroom but also increased my confidence. It also changed my perspective about classroom and now I am hopeful that next two years of my classroom experience will be the same in terms of learning.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work in Aditya Birla Retail Limited as I have interest in this sector. I also see lot of opportunities in this industry as middle class and upper class of India are on the rise which eventually going to help retail industry to grow unprecedentedly and create window of other opportunities.

This article is written by Ajay Pratap Singh Tomar- Class of 2020.

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