An Unexpected First Day At NITIE

Although every day at NITIE is one kind of a memory, it was something unexpected on the first day of my class. We went for the lectures as per the given schedule, in the morning. After waiting for few minutes, a gentleman came into our class wearing a Nehru cap and a big positive smile. He is carrying a Jute bag on his shoulder, which has several interesting things in it apart from any assignment or laptop. He was Professor Mandi. When my eyes went down I was surprised to see him barefoot. Despite the cliché wishes, he wants students to start the session with a big round of applause for yourself. Although in the first instance, all these things seem humorous but everything he does have some learning behind it.

Suddenly, Professor start saying, we don’t need any education, we don’t need any thought control, all in all, you are just another brick in the wall. Suddenly, it flicks in my mind that it’s the famous Pink Floyd song. After some time, all class started singing together. He made us understand that whatever you will learn here, you will be going to be just a part of a big venture, you will lose your own identity and you will be known by that big company only.

Professor started discussing various problems emerging in the world. He called them an opportunity despite saying them problems. Opportunity to prove yourself, the opportunity to achieve success. We get insight that his intent was about entrepreneurship. He stated many examples of successful entrepreneurs from NITIE itself. In which many of them started looking at the opportunity during their course only. He stated, a student should atleast earn back his two years course fees, while pursuing the program.

This is all about a memorable day at NITIE.

Company of ABG I like The Most…

Being the retail arm of Aditya Birla Group, Aditya Birla Retail limited is among the top 3 value retail chains in India, and in the league of fortune 500 companies. And it includes 523 supermarkets and 20 hypermarkets in 60 cities across India. As per my immense interest in supply chain functions, ABRL received certification for ensuring the manufacturing, storage, distribution and sales of food adhere to the highest quality standards. With a customer base of around 20 million now and focus on Research & development through the Aditya birla Science and technology centre in Taloja, ABRL will be the leading company in retail sector in upcoming time. I will get the opportunity to deliver my abilities and simultaneously enhancing my skills in the dynamic environment of ABRL, whose motto is Quality 1st.

– Pawan Gehlot

NITIE Mumbai Placement Committee

Placement Committee, NITIE Mumbai