Unique Campus And Unique Classroom Experiences – NITIE

It was a usual Tuesday morning, I with my usual 3 hours of sleep with my eyes puffed, running and panting to reach the class on time. In one hand there is sandwich and the on other hand there is umbrella for the unexpected rains of Mumbai. Luckily, I reached the class on time and sat on the last row, as usual. I noticed something strange that everyone was serious, and it was not like the usual morning session, with morning handshakes and high fives. Suddenly everyone stands and then by looking at the professor I realized that it was our business communication lecture with a very different professor, PROFESSOR T PRASAD a.k.a. PROFESSOR MANDI. And then the lecture began with the first few minutes professor trying to settle himself. Today professor has a different task to advertise the MAHA MANDI and was asking suggestions from us how to promote it, and how to attract more and more people. Suddenly something struck his mind, he opened his bag and took out previous years, old posters of MANDI. He distributed them among ourselves. At first, we were all silent and thinking what the professor was trying to do. The professor went at the right corner of the class, picked up the boy and, CLICKED A SELFIE WITH HIM WITH MANDI POSTER IN FRAME.

For the first few seconds we were all stunned, there was utter silence in the classroom. Then he said, “come on everybody, I want everyone to take photos with each person in the class and I want that mandi poster in frame.” We sat idle for the first few seconds and then he clapped as if to wake us. We all run towards each other with posters in one hand and mobile phones in the other, smiling, posing laughing for the photographs to be as good a they can and of course for us to look as good as we can.

We clicked with the professor as well, we also clicked the group photo of our section. For 15-20 minutes there was extreme joy in the classroom. After that, he asked us to share those photographs on Facebook and other social media. So, that was the most memorable classroom experience till now.

Which Aditya Birla Company I would like to work for?

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited. The brands of this are Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Peter England, People, Pantaloons etc. The reason I want to join this organisation is because I have been a middle class for my life. The target market of majority of brands like Peter England, Pantaloons etc. is 24-28 ambitious and career-oriented youth, upper middle class, working men etc. Since I have known what a middle class is, how a middle-class person thinks specially the youth, what are his likes and dislikes about fashion, what brands do they prefer and why, how frequently they shop, what are their expectations from the brand etc. These are the reasons I think I should be helpful for the company.

– Vipul