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Studying in a B-School and being a part of the IIT environment- what could be more unique of a combination! The IIT campus is unique in itself- whether it is the facilities or infrastructure that it provides or the diverse flora and fauna in store. IIT Bombay provides world class state of the art sports facilities – be it football, cricket, basketball, tennis, badminton or any other sports one can think of. We also have an Olympic standard swimming pool – 50m in length. Students can take up any number of activities besides their regular academics and enjoy the facilities provided by the campus.

The campus is also filled with greeneries and being surrounded on 3 sides by the Powai lake, the Vihar lake and hills – it provides a variety of flora and fauna. Amidst the buzz of the busy city of Mumbai, this place in the heart of the city provides quite a contrast, letting one have a gush of fresh air and experience a pollution free environment.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Retail as a business interests me and I feel it really connects customers to their needs. Besides it is a sector which is maturing and has great potentials to grow much bigger. Aditya Birla Retail Limited is a perfect fit in that sense, where I can experience the business- by working and learning at the same time. Thus, I would like to work for this organization, which will give me an opportunity to experience a combination of working for such a huge conglomerate and working in a field I desire.


Sayantan Das is a second year student at SJMSOM, IITB

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