A Unique Experience At IIM U – Shreya Upadhyay, IIM Udaipur

Education is all about gaining knowledge and its application. This knowledge not only consists of concepts and constructs but some practical truths of life which are highlighted through unique personal experiences. The IIM U community has several core values which it takes very seriously. Mutual respect and Inclusion are two of these unwavering pillars.

It is to be noted that the above mentioned values are not just conceptual and on paper, they are ardently and sincerely followed by each of the community members. These members include the students, the working staff, the administrative staff and the faculty. There many unique examples of this wonderful cultural hue of this prestigious institute. The faculty encourages the students to address them in a respectful but equal sense. Utmost humility is displayed by all the community members so as not to make any member feel lowly or inferior.

One of the most potent examples of this insightful practice is observed while one of the most important of life functions; eating. The mess is usually swimming with people during the usual lunch hours and everyone eats together regardless of position or course taken. Even the professors, who are highly distinguished in their respected professions and fields value these tenets reverently. They eat at the same tables as the students, they take the food themselves from the counters instead of being served by the staff, they dispose of their plates in the same bins as the students do.

The professors, whether visiting or resident faculty, show the same humility and thus encourage others to do the same. The practical application of the important values of the Institute develops not only good managers but also good human beings. These values are so important that the people make sure that they are installed firmly in the minds of every new member of the community.

Every year during the initial weeks of the flagship course of IIM U, the new batch is acquainted with these values and the vision by the current students of the Institute through various meetings. These meetings stressed the importance of following these values to a tee as they are the cornerstone of the culture of the Institute.

There is a meeting held in every cluster (hostel) specifically for imparting these values and their various implications to the new members of the community. These meetings are hence compulsory to attend for all members of the clan of IIM Udaipur.


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