The Unique Junction – IIM Kashipur

With the onset of monsoon, you can hear birds chirping & frogs croaking. This is what IIM Kashipur welcomes you with. But just as a duck which appears calm on the surface but actually is constantly peddling underneath to stay afloat, the same way the serenity and calm envelop rigorous and challenging curriculum which is invisible at the first glance.

Ironically, such a serene and calm place prepares you for the fierce and highly competitive workplace located in our country’s concrete jungles and thus you get the best of both worlds. You have unlimited resources here at your disposal but what you learn is how to manage when resources are scarce. You breathe the freshest air but what you learn is how to market products which purify the air of our polluted cities. On the other hand, you get to learn about rural marketing by actually visiting and living for some time in a nearby rural area. There are courses teaching hardcore finance to how to make businesses sustainable for our future. As I mentioned, best of both worlds.

IIM Kashipur offers excellent core faculty members with tons of teaching & research experience across all domains. You get to learn from the best and then be the best. Case study-based pedagogy bridges the gap between the theoretical and the real-life applications. We also have some faculty who have worked in the corporates and bring their insights from their work experience and how what we study relates to what we would have to do out in the field. Whether you are an aspiring professional wanting to rise up the corporate ladder or a young budding entrepreneur, IIM Kashipur is the place to be.

Lastly, the effect of weather and peace that is here cannot be underestimated. Many people, seek some form of rejuvenation to keep up with the hectic work schedules and high-stress levels. Visiting places like Nainital, Ramanagar, etc. is one of them. But being in Kashipur you get to do that many a time before entering the corporate workforce and then you keep visiting because you just can’t ever have enough of it. You might just say, prevention is better than cure. Rather than having a burnout and then trying to figure out how to fix it, we always know that in the lap of nature are all the cures.



ABG Group Company I would want to work for

I would like to work with Aditya Birla Finance because of my keen interest in finance domain and they being one of the top five fund managers. Being there I would be able to put financial and analytical skills to use and acquire many more. Also, I have an earlier connect with the Birla group being an alumnus of G. D. Birla Memorial School, Ranikhet and it would be a wonderful opportunity to work with one of the Aditya Birla Group companies. From first-hand experience, I know of the high work ethic and diverse work culture that the conglomerate has.


About the author 

I’m  Abhenav and I hail from Uttarakhand. I did my B. Tech. (IT) from MNIT,  Jaipur (2010-14) and then worked as a software engineer with Verizon.  I’m a student at IIM Kashipur (2017-19) having a keen interest in finance and operations.

IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur