Unique Location And Unique Campus – IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur has a unique location. Located in a small town and constructed in an isolated area gives students a chance to study and grow out from the distractions and hassle of a big city. The campus has a lot of greenery and is surrounded by nature with lots of small animals which gives a unique experience to all the students who come from big cities. The campus has a natural pond which has different waterbodies adding to the beauty of the campus.

Situated in a small town gives great insights to the students who are going to be future leaders as they can understand the situation at the ground level and know how people think and buy from the limited amount of resources available to them.

The geographical position of the campus opens doors for various weekend getaways where the students can go, relax and enjoy their weekends. There are different HILLS nearby and students go for biking and cycling in these hills, there are dedicated biking and cycling clubs for the same. Famous tourists spots like JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK, NAINITAL and RISHIKESH are at a few hours drive from the campus.

IIM Kashipur campus is a newly built campus and is build on the principles of sustainable development with the help of latest technology. The campus uses radiant cooling technology for cooling and heating the rooms and hostel to keep them at ambient temperature. This technology minimises the use of electricity and there is no emission of hot air to the atmosphere reducing global warming and is also better for the health of the students. The students and other members at the campus segregate dry and wet waste which enables the usage of wet waste to produce energy and makes disposing of waste easier and better for nature. There is a student committee that handles the infrastructure at the campus, hence students can contribute their thoughts, ideas and feedback to make changes in the campus.

The hostel facilities at IIM Kashipur makes it stand out when compared to other B-Schools. Students are provided with single spacious rooms from the first year which makes them feel more comfortable. There are six rooms on each floor and some common facilities are shared by this six people helping them learn to communicate and adapt. There is a discussion area built on each floor which helps students to gather and prepare for various projects and competitions.

The campus is a 200 acre campus and such huge size gives a lot of opportunities to build world class infrastructure which is under construction at the moment. Currently, the campus is equipped with dedicated playgrounds for different sports which are near to the hostels and this helps students to interact, relax and even learn new sports. There are also various open spaces on the campus which enables students, committees and clubs to conduct various events.

The library at IIM Kashipur is quite new with advanced technology and organises a unique event related to human books. Lit Club’, the literary club of IIM Kashipur created history, as it made the institute, the second IIM to organize such one of its kind event, ‘HUMAN LIBRARY’ on 11th March 2018. There was already a buzz created when the idea was floated among the students and faculty via email.The event at IIM Kashipur saw participants from the students as well as faculty on varied topics ranging from ‘God vs Devil Paradox’ to ‘Art of Seduction’. The reason that makes this idea unique is that the ‘Human Book’ as well as the ‘Issuer’ are blindfolded throughout the process and the identities are not disclosed. This makes the ‘Human Books’ express their thought relevant to the topic with utmost freedom which might not been the case otherwise.

Which ABG company would one want to work for and why?

I would like to join Aditya Birla Capital as I am interested in the field of finance and the group does various business activities in the field of financial markets. The various businesses of the group in the field of finance are Birla Sun Life Insurance, Birla Sun Life Asset Management, Aditya Birla Finance, Aditya Birla Housing Finance and Other Business like Health Insurance, Online Money Management, Insurance brokerage, etc. With such large profiles, I would be able to do different roles by staying in the same organization. A big company like Aditya Birla Group would give me the best knowledge about the complete financial industry.

IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur