Uniqueness At IIFT

Just 2 weeks in the campus, and I already wonder why it took me 22 years to get to this place.  From entering the campus on the 1st day to sleepless nights in the hostel, I have experienced it all here. Being one of the top b-schools, I was aware the schedule will be very rigorous and hectic for each one of us. However, the intensity and uniqueness turned out to be even higher than anticipated. Never even in my dreams had I thought it will be such a breath-taking and life-changing experience. Doing group assignments in the corridor of the hostel in almost no time, eating food with someone who I have never met before are some of the unique stuff I did. Credit goes to the seniors and program director.

Being in Delhi my whole life, hostel life was a new experience for me. Initially, I was apprehensive about what is in store for me. But all my fears were extinguished by my batch mates. Also, being in C9 hostel, the experience became even more different with going back and forth 750 meters between college and hostel every day and showing our commitment towards MBA even harder. However, taking an auto always eases our stress.

Have you ever imagined sports without a ground? That’s exactly what happens here and the experience is even better than playing on a ground. The optimum utilization of space available by the administration makes it possible to play different types of outdoor sports.

After a hectic class of 2 hours, nothing is more refreshing than a small cup of coffee. And the Nescafe in the academic block does exactly that for us. And its location – surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers between the buildings – creates a soothing environment for every student to interact with batch mates ad seniors over a cup of coffee.

I had never heard about the concept of roomies and loomies before. But now I understand their importance to perform well in a b-school. They are the one who wakes me up to attend all the classes and sessions, they are the one who support me to complete assignments on time, they are the one who wait for me at all times. I believe they have played a major role in every person’s life who has reached the top step of the managerial ladder.


Which ABG Company would you want to work for?

As far as my preference for Aditya Birla Group (ABG), company is concerned; I would like to work for Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL) because of my financial background. I am a B.com (H) graduate and have completed two levels of Chartered Accountancy (CA). I believe my prior knowledge can be very useful in this sector and will give the opportunity to further exploit my capabilities.

IIFT Placement Commitee