Uniqueness Of My Campus – Akshay Meena

The unique thing about the college, it is a question which cannot be easily answered. There is not a single thing which a person wants to tell about, by joining IIMU each and every student experience much uniqueness about the institute. Talking about me, the most unique thing which I found is the transparency, many institute hide or mislead students in many ways.

Even before entering the institute I know, how my next two year is going to be and what are the chances which I can crack. Talking about after coming to the institute what I saw till now is quite amazing, everything is like what I saw in the picture before or as they told us. I already know about the schedule of my first term and even the topic which we going to study in the class, every professor follows the schedule and try to complete that on time even after solving our doubt. We know how we are going to grade who will teach us and everything. Some institute shows an inflated figure related to salary or placement by not following some others rules but I love this thing about IIMU that they follow a standard which shows the real figures. By this what an institute is teaching to their student is only not to follow ethics, which is the most important part of the life of a manager. If a person will not know about his/her life in the institute than how can they make a plan for their life.

Transparency is not only restricted to some figure but even it consists of everything like what they are offering or how will they help you to achieve that, how can you develop yourself within the organization or what kind of exposure a person can experience. I have never been so open to the senior, but here all the seniors are great they are always ready to help each and every student at their own level. They taught us how can we fit in this new world of IIM when we didn’t have any idea about it. They already told us that we going to have a hectic schedule sometime but with that sometime you will found yourself lucky to be here. So this is it I come to know about IIMU till now and I would like to add many things as the time will pass.

ABGLP company I want to join

I would like to Ultratech cement in the group of Aditya Birla. The reason which is behind this is the responsibilities which it provides. I am kind of a person who always wants some more responsibilities to learn more and more. Learning is the only thing which a person can do for a lifetime and I want to be that kind of a person, and I think that this branch can give me the best opportunity than other.

So this is the only reason which I have. I know every branch has its own opportunity but then also my first preference is Ultratech cement.

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