Uniqueness Defining IIM Raipur Campus

As IIM Raipur campus is still operating at its temporary campus, there is nothing much to boast about the campus infrastructure, though we would be moving in our own 200-acre new campus in next two months. But there are still a few things which make this campus unique, that I would say are its student and culture that they have developed in these last 8 years.

The student community of 400+ postgraduate and fellow students are from a diverse background which creates a diverse environment with a wide range of opportunities which helps the students to bring the best out of themselves. Events conducted by the clubs and committees, internal parties come with a great relief for the students in this busy academic schedule. Events like panel discussions, guest lectures gives the students a good industrial exposure. The student exchange program at IIM Raipur is considered best among all other IIMs. There have been constraints in the past and ongoing – but the student community has been continuously striving for the betterment of the institute and has been increasing its visibility. In the end, I would say it’s not just the student community but also our quality professors and support staffs that have helped our campus in becoming unique in its own way.


Which ABG Company would you want to work at and why?

As my interest lies in pursuing my majors in Business Operation, I would like to work with Aditya Birla Retail Limited. With the increasing per capita income of Indian population and growing economy, I believe the retail industry has a huge scope of development left in it. With better and effective operation managerial skills, my goal would be to make the business operation more profitable without compromising on the customer satisfaction aspects. It would be very fulfilling to be the part of a company that not only offers a very promising career but also has been contributing to the Indian economy in a big way for many decades.


– Aditya Kumar is a first-year student at IIM Raipur