Uniqueness Of IIM Trichy

IIM Trichy is one of the new IIMs. I will join in it for its “IIM” tag, if nothing else. – I will admit these were the thoughts that ran through my head as I decided to place my bet on this relatively new institution. Will it add value to my career? Will my learning here be wholesome? Will I miss out on the job security that the older IIMs have to offer? I would wager that everyone who joined with me, their parents, relatives and neighbours discussed it at length. Inaugurated as the 8th batch here, I sought solace from the hope that the 7 batches before us took the same chance and survived, even excelled.

It took me all of a week to realize that this institution isn’t on the map to follow pre-drawn paths. Their effort is clearly visible in the number and quality of the events they organized in these few years. Within a week of our arrival, we were introduced to 20 fully fledged academic and cultural clubs and committees, who established their worth with the competitions and activities they organize. This brought us into the light of the rigour we are going to experience in the next 2 years. Our academic sessions started in this midst and we started getting the true hang of the self-placed limits we are going to break in our time here.

It is common knowledge that the returns for the IIM brand are reaped through the placements and hefty packages offered. The toil that goes behind it is often unacknowledged. Even more so when you have to carry the weight and expectations of a brand you didn’t have the pleasure to create. But I would say that in accomplishing a 7.4% growth rate in the average package in the last placement session paints a clear picture of the fast pace it is developing in.

The alumni and the existing seniors have laboured hard to put IIM Trichy on a pedestal. It is substantiated by their well maintained and regulated social media presence. Not only has the institute earned its prestigious recognition, but also put Tiruchirappalli in the proverbial map. It is putting in the energy to bring in infrastructure and able transportation to the city and has succeeded in some fronts already.

IIM Trichy, is at the brink of passing out from its ‘new IIM’ tag with the humongous accomplishments of its students. The responsibility now lies on us not only to retain its brand but uplift it to newer heights. I would wish a very good luck to us.

In jotting down the facts and acknowledging them, I admit my mistake and hang my head in shame. I take back my statement. This institute does have a brand, but not as a new IIM. It is unique in the sense that, it has evolved to form its own brand of “IIM Trichy”, which isn’t a second to anything else.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

The Aditya Birla Group Leadership program provides first hand varied experience program to the young leaders privileged to intern with them, giving them the essential exposure to all the key business areas. I believe the holistic learning will play a crucial role in building a great manager, even greater leader. The role I seek the most is in the Risk Analytics Unit – Birla Sun Life Insurance, Mumbai. This role will actualize my passion to work on Statistics with understanding of business finance. To be given an opportunity to work amidst the confluence of finance and analytics will be truly fantastic.


This article is written by Konidena Alekhya – Class of 2020

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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