Uniqueness Of IIM Udaipur: Paidi Devi Prasad

Started on 30th July 2011, IIM Udaipur has evolved dramatically in terms of quality of education, infrastructure and secured a unique position in IIM family. It was ranked number 1 among the new IIMs that were set up along with it as per NIRF ranking 2018. The primary focus being in academic excellence has bestowed IIMU with a respectable position.

Being a new IIM, it was not an easy journey to meet the needs of aspirants and corporate world, but the institute with the help of our visionary director Prof. Janat Shah has crossed all the hurdles and evolved as one of the desirable b-schools the aspirants are looking for in India. The things which make the institute stands unique among other IIMs is its mission, core values, the location of the campus and finally the visionary director Prof. Janat Shah.

The mission of the institute is to implement thought based leadership approach in research to produce inspirational theory, to nurture students in application-oriented leaders and to focus on giving back to society by contributing to the social welfare development. The core values of IIM Udaipur stood as its pillars and helped for its growth and achievements. They are academic excellence, integrity, transparency, mutual respect, inclusion and environmental consciousness. The institute is strictly adhered to its values and expects the same adherence with the IIM Udaipur community.

 It follows the primary value i.e. academic excellence very strictly and all the student and teaching community have to adhere to it strictly. The institute follows strict academic rigour with continuously revised curriculums as per market trends to excel in the academics. It is well renowned for its transparency in its process, every process in the institute is very transparent and accountable for the community. Integrity restricts the community from involving in illegal practices, mutual respect and inclusion make sure that no person in the community will be treated with disrespect and all persons will be treated equally.

The value that makes institute most unique is environmental consciousness which drives the community towards the improvement of the environment.

The institute located on the Aravali mountains range in Udaipur, Rajasthan surrounded by mountains and gives a picturesque view and pollution free environment. This environment creates a positive vibration in students which helps in focussing on studies and fulfil their purpose of joining the institute. Finally, the uniqueness of institute won’t be met without our director Prof. Janat Shah who is relentlessly keeping his efforts to make the institute the topmost in the country. He always makes sure that the policies and curriculum are up to date to ensure that the students get learning and hands-on experience in current happenings and make them trained for the current market situation.

The desired company in Aditya Birla Group:

Every management school student aspires to be part of one of the most prestigious conglomerates i.e. Aditya Birla group. I, as an aspirant also wants to be part of Aditya Birla group but more specifically wants to be part of IDEA CELLULAR LIMITED. Being a technological company and also foraying into payments, I see a vast scope of the learning aspects as there is an excellent advancement in technology and the company will definitely implement latest technologies in the company operations. Being interested in management in IT sector and passion in technology, I believe IDEA CELLULAR LIMITED will be the right place to implement and enhance my managerial skills and explore new technologies.

IIM Udaipur Placement Committee

IIM Udaipur, established in 2011, focuses on three pillars of academic excellence, research and career growth for its students so as to provide a transformational journey. Email: placecomm@iimu.ac.in