The Upbeat Campus Of IIM Rohtak

The mood here at the IIM-Rohtak campus is unusually upbeat these days. Normally one would assume, given that this is our second year and we would soon be going for our placements, still the mood here in our new campus is cheerful.  For years our campus has been in the making, but now, finally, the day is here when we are finally in our campus. The campus is huge and gives the feel and vibe of an IIM. Normally people judge a college by its infrastructure, faculties and its placement figures but rarely ask for its culture. I would rather say that college cannot be declared well until or unless it has a good culture. And this is what IIM Rohtak is rich at.

Engineering, Science, Commerce and Arts are all under one roof in IIM Rohtak. All have a different thought process and ideas, but they stay together. You would see photographers, musicians, dancer, speakers, and future leaders sitting together learning the complexity of management.  This is how the IIM Rohtak environment looks like. Within one year IIM Rohtak has taught me the true meaning of unity in diversity, when you have your batch mates from all over the country, from North East to Rajasthan, from South India to Kashmir, it makes learning experience unique and makes you a mature person and more accommodating.

At IIM Rohtak no one studies in silos, there is a culture of group study. This so happens because there is a strong belief that studying alone makes you good but not the best. That is how the learning process become richer and makes you better manager. The clubs and committees at IIM Rohtak substantiate this when you work together you develop a culture together .Apart from academic every festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Sports life is also very active. You come across a person who excel in one sport or the other.

Which ABG Company do you want to work for and why?

The ABG Company I would want to work for is Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail. ABFRL is the one of the key SBUs in ABGs portfolio and has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. Also, personally I had profound interest in retail since my graduation days and wanted to perceive a career in this segment. ABFRL is always known in the industry for its innovative approaches and many firsts to its name. ABFRL hosts India’s largest fashion network with over 11,000 points of sale, which include close to 2,500 exclusive ABFRL brand outlets across 700+ cities and towns, 4,900+ multi-brand outlets and 4000+ Department stores across the country. A lot of action is taking place in the Indian Fashion and retail industry due to increased awareness and per captive income and hence provided me with a great opportunity to move ahead.