The Urban Legends Of MBA Preparation

MBA. The three letters that instantly compel you to imagine a polished personality donning a classy suit, crunching numbers on a spreadsheet and taking strategic decisions. Although it might be a convincingly accurate picture of what MBA graduates usually end up doing, there are many myths around MBA and its preparation that are prevalent among the aspirants. I will try to debunk the three most common myths, and I hope that by the end of this article, you will have a holistic view of MBA and the right picture of the preparation for its entrance examinations.


Myth 1: I need to have x years of experience before MBA

This is one of the most oft-quoted statements among the students preparing for MBA. A general tendency of MBA aspirants is to appear for the examination in their final year of graduation. While experience certainly adds value to your learning experience during MBA, it would be incorrect to state experience as a pre-requisite unless specifically asked for by the b-school you aspire to be in. Students who join an MBA course fresh out of college have a unique thought process and thinking pattern that is different from for someone with work experience. When these two individuals meet in the course, their learning is tremendous. The diversity of the people in your batch combined with the course content hones you to be a good professional at the end of your MBA.


Myth 2: It is not possible to prepare for MBA along with a job/a break from the job is necessary

Working professionals tend to think that they might have to leave their job in order to prepare for MBA entrances or take a sabbatical from their company. Preparation is more about continuous effort rather an all-out barrage towards the last week/month of the examination. It is certainly possible to manage work along with studies if one can commit to 1.5 hours of study on weekdays and 4-5 hours on weekends. There are people who have high work experience (3+ years) and yet make it to prestigious b-schools while having handled important responsibilities at work alongside entrance exam preparation. Taking a break can be a risky affair as you put everything at stake and miss precious work experience for that duration. Getting through a good b-school while working is possible if you believe it is.


Myth 3: MBA is the ticket to a lavish and luxurious life

Most people perceive MBA as a sure-shot ladder to a hefty package. While an MBA does equip you with a host of tools and skills that would help you function effectively as a reliable and worthy manager, there is a high standard of expectations set for you when you join a company after graduating from a b-school. You have to prove yourself with your grit and determination and emerge as an all-rounder in the workplace in order to succeed. Simply put, holding an MBA degree does not mean that you will be provided with everything at the workplace on a silver platter.

So to sum up, put consistent and planned efforts into your preparation and you will definitely make it to your dream b-school!

Nikhil Nayak

MBA Student at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. Music aficionado. Occasional blogger. Regular hogger.