A Utopian Campus – IIM Kashipur

What makes a B-school perfect? Well, everyone might have a different opinion about it depending upon his/her requirements. Is it the location, the placements, the learning experience or the brand associated with it . What if a college had the perfect mixture of all the above? Let us look at some of the qualities that make IIM Kashipur an ideal B-school.


It is not a mistake if one would say that IIM Kashipur is a paradise. Besides the whole campus is a garden filled with greenery, It also has some amazing infrastructure. The campus is located 30 km away from the Jim Corbett national park and 90kms away from the beautiful Nainital which makes it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts.


The first among all the 6 IIMs to move to its fully functional permanent campus. The campus has been designed by leading designer firm Acorp (based out of Montreal, Canada) and is 200 acres of sheer brilliance.


At an overall level is that the faculty quality is really high. All the faculty are top notch, having prior experience from some of the most reputed institutes in the country and outside. The Faculty are participants in Harvard Business School’s the Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning and the college follows the Harvard Case-Based Learning pedagogy. The Research Databases and Bloomberg Analysis facilities are again something that is a great asset. (13 Bloomberg Terminals and a big list of Databases.)


One factor which we all have in mind and when we enter, realize there is a huge array of stuff this place teaches you. At IIM Kashipur the Industry and Profile mix is really diverse. Indicating in essence the diversity of the batch as well. Delloite , KPMG, EY, PWC, JPMC, Thompson Reuters, Boeing are some of the reputed companies that students get placed in.


Fully Functioning Hostels with wi-fi, radiant cooling system, fridge, water purifier, microwave and washing machine. Classrooms with great design and facilities that make the learning experience even better. A student-run mess which has other great facilities too. Playing areas for cricket, Basketball, Football, TT, Badminton, Tennis are well maintained.


Throughout the year, we have events that cover every portion of your life at a B-School. Management, Cultural, Sports and Social Causes.

The Leadership Conclave: It is the Flagship event of IIM Kashipur and brings some of the biggest names in Indian Industry to the quaint and beautiful city of Kashipur. Coalescence – The Conclave & Summit Week: The entire gamut of function specific conclaves & summits fall under the umbrella of Coalescence which is the Conclave week.

Along with them, some cultural and sports events like Kacofonia and Agnitraya make sure that students have an overall experience of college life.


With all the rigor that IIM KASHIPUR provides to an individual, he/she would have a life-changing the experience that would mold and prepare him for the challenges that would come across not only in his professional life but his personality. These were some if not all the reasons why I chose IIM KASHIPUR to learn and grow as an individual in the next two years.

-Swaroop Gali

IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur