Valay @ VLCC : My Internship Story

Valay @ VLCC : My Internship Story

VLCC, Head office situated in the NCR region Gurgaon is a redefined and revolutionized wellness industry, it took the first step towards corporatization of the slimming, fitness and the beauty Industry in India.

My Role and Project Detail:
I got an opportunity to work with such a well-known organization in HR department as a Management trainee. It was a duration of 8 week and I did my Internship project with title “RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION AT VLCC; STREAMLINE HR OPERATIONS”.

First day at VLCC:
So, on the very first day I hired an auto from my PG and moved towards office. I reached there 5 minutes earlier. As, it was a very first day and first intern of my life, I was very much excited with a bit nervousness. While sitting in waiting room, I browsed about the company and its detail so that I could have some data to talk to my HR. Suddenly a beautiful lady appeared in front of me, saying “Hello Valay, Welcome to VLCC”. She was Ms. Payal Kumar, HR Manager of VLCC and my project mentor. Then the day moved on with Induction Program and intro with other employees.

I, being a mechanical engineer, always worked in workshop and job floor till my body is full of sweat. But after joining VLCC, stage was totally changed. VLCC has a very good ambience. Moreover Espresso machines are made available at every corner, so that you can have it whenever you feel sleepy or tired of continuous work ;).

My key responsibility:
• To streamline HR operations like full n Final settlement, Mediclaim etc.
• To make sure and recommend implementation of Strategic directions for
people development within the organization.
• To make sure timely recruitment of required level and quality of employees for different departments, in order to meet business needs.

Impact made by me:
Every employee had been allotted a predefined role in the process. But the impact that I made was quite big because I was successful in finding the areas where work was lagging and improvement was needed and the activities were not performed in the pace as needed to streamline the operations.

Skills I picked up:
Though I was a management trainee, I was given a lot of opportunities and freedom to share my views. I got a lot of hands on experience in HR operations and on how recruitment and human resource practices are carried out in software used by organization. I was actively involved in various activities like market storming, training program, etc. this helped me to learn to interact with people and to improve organization skills. All this raised my confidence level.

Thing I liked the most:
Relations amongst all the workers was very awesome. We all were like a family. Interdepartmental communication was also very good. Due to which I came to know insights of different departments that enhanced my knowledge.

Internship rating from my side:
1: minimum; 5: maximum

Parameters 1 2 3 4 5
Type of Project offered X
Learning from Internship at VLCC X
Freedom/Flexibility X
Working Culture X
Guidance and Mentoring X
Networking Opportunity X
Stipend/Earning X
Job Prospect in same company X
Overall Experience X

Experience in “One Word”: Mahoooolll…

“VLCC Moment”: On last day, my mentor said “You have a great efficiency”

Valay Chawhan
IIM Kashipur