A Day In A Stock Market Trader’s Life – Hrishabh Sanghvi, Entrepreneur, Edelweiss, Citibank, IIM L

Hrishabh Sanghvi, Founder – Arque Tech, Co-Founder Rodeo Travel Technologies, Ex-Edelweiss, Ex-Citibank, IIM Lucknow, talks about his career as a trader. He gives us a glimpse into the life of a trader and talks about machine learning in trading.

Summary of the video

In this video, Hrishabh talks about starting his career as a trader. He shares the story of his interest in markets, and how b-school was a great opportunity that helped him train the market muscle. He further talks about how b-school is not a placement agency, but a place to gather knowledge and networks.

He shares how 2 years at b-school are a great time to dabble in different competitions and clubs in order to figure out what one wants to do in the future. Further, he talks about working with Citibank, and how he heard abuses hurled on his very first day. He talks about being resilient, and emotionally aloof on the trading floor. Next, he takes us through the skills that a trader needs.

Hrishabh talks about the importance of planning one’s day before work and analysing the daily work done in order to improve. He shares how traders keep a diary where they note down daily strategies, observations and activities, thus learning on a day to day basis.

Finally, Hrishabh touches upon algo trading and machine learning and how these are changing the way trading is done. He tells us about how machine learning is used in the trade of derivatives and commodities and further mentions how certain types of trade still require a human touch.

If you’re curious about stocks, trading, and want to build a career as a trader, this video is for you.



Key Takeaways

1. Analysing performance is an important aspect of trading.
2. A trading journal helps to learn right from wrong.
3. A lot of non-linear relations can be found by machine learning algorithms which humans can’t find.
4. A trading floor is for people who can manage an intense environment without losing their cool.
5. Decision making is a key skill for a trader.
6. In trading, 70% of your work is done if you manage your emotions.
7. A trading floor is for people who can manage an intense environment without losing their cool.
8. Don’t think of b-school as a placement agency.
9. The first job is not so important.
10. B-School gives you the perfect opportunity to figure out what to do.

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