What B-school Students Think About Start-Ups – #AthenaTalks

Uber, Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon – at least once a day we dream of being the founder of giants like these. But does everyone think that way? Let’s watch this video to find out what some b-school students think of startups. Some answers will definitely make you go, “Hey, me too!”

‘Why do you want to start your own Start-Up?’, ‘How important do you think Seed Funds are when it comes to Start-Up?’, ‘Is your Start-Up idea sustainable?’, ‘How will you run your Start-Up if you can’t manage to find Seed Fund for it?’ Well, these and more such questions are answered by students at Athena School of Management. But wait, what’s your take on these? Tell us in the comments below!

*Click on the picture above to play the video

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