Cracking Consulting Interviews – How To Approach Guesstimate Questions

Guesstimates are an important part of any Consulting Interview. The whole point of these questions is to give the interviewer a peek into your thinking process and problem solving abilities. The focus of these questions is more on how you approach them than deriving actual answers to the questions. It’s about structuring the approach, asking the right questions, and communicating the same to your interviewer. Guesstimates is a tool that not only lets the interviewer know if you have the right bent of mind for a consulting job but is also a good indicator if you will enjoy a job as a Consultant or not. To help MBA Aspirants understand career paths at an early stage, InsideIIM, in association with MISB Bocconi, conducted Konversations on Consulting Careers, where the Founder and CEO of InsideIIM – Konversations, Ankit Doshi, gave a session on one of the most important topics when it comes to Consulting – Guesstimates. There are two Guesstimate questions in this video. What’s your approach? Tell us in the comments below.

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