Don’t Let Your CAT Score Define You – SDA Bocconi Asia Center

Have you appeared for CAT this year?
What percentile will you fetch?
Is this your first attempt?
Have you analyzed your score?

Should getting into a b-school only have to be about your score?
It shouldn’t.

At SDABAC, you’ll find the selection process more diversity-friendly. While your academic scores do count, but if you’re passionate about a craft or run your own startup, or you have majored in an unconventional subject, you’ll have a higher advantage than the other guy with the same score. SDA Bocconi AC values the rich pool of students that they bring together from various parts of the country and different backgrounds to share a classroom. So, if you’ve got a passion for an art, or you’ve travelled around the country or if you’re an arts graduate, don’t let your CAT scores define you.

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