Don’t Let Placements Define Who You Are – Ankita Aggarwal, IIM I, GM – UrbanClap, Ex-Bank Of America

In this video, Ankita Aggarwal, AVP – General Manager, Beauty & Wellness, UrbanClap, Ex-Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Ex-Cisco, IIM Indore Alum tells us about her role at UrbanClap. She talks about her b-school placement experience at IIM Indore and gives some long-lasting advice for placements and life. Ankita tells us about why and how you can choose to work at startups.

(This is Part 2 of the video series featuring Ankita Aggarwal)
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Summary of the video

Ankita talks about the various innovations and processes she worked on during her stint as Head of the “Salon at Home” offering at UrbanClap. She shares how she was able to make a meaningful difference to the lives of people working with and buying from UrbanClap.

She further talks about managing work and a baby. She talks about how organizations have evolved to accommodate working mothers and fathers, and just how trust is earned by an employee. She tells us about how UrbanClap was a supportive employer and helped her manage work and home life with relative ease.

Next, she talks about how one can find work at a startup and how placements play a role in finding good jobs but are not the sole path to a successful career. She tells us how she feels startups allow a person to make the maximum impact.

She talks about how you can strengthen your CV before placement season and what to practice specifically for a finance internship and PPO. She finally talks about the secret behind getting hired and tells us what recruiters are looking for.

If you want to know what it takes to build a strong career from scratch, this video is a must-watch for you.



Key Takeaways

1. Staying with an organization for a long time, performing well and climbing to a leadership position helps to foster trust.
2. Startups allow you to have more flexible roles with a high amount of ownership and resulting satisfaction.
3. B-school competitions help you understand team dynamics of the workplace right at our campus.
4. You learn team dynamics, people management skills, problem-solving skills, etc on campus.
5. Add diverse experiences, interests and achievements to your CV to showcase your adaptability.
6. Keep a cool head, practice case studies & guesstimates during placements.
7. Nobody is looking for the right answer while hiring, they’re looking for the right approach.
8. Reach out to companies if you feel like you can contribute meaningfully.

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