Early To Mid 20s Is When You Can Take Risks – Raghav Joshi, COO Rebel Foods, IIM Indore Alum

In this video, Raghav Joshi, COO at Rebel Foods (formerly Faasos), Ex-Deloitte & JP Morgan, IIM Indore alum, talks about his journey at Rebel Foods (formerly Faasos). He shares the predominant trends in the food tech industry and the pros of working at startups.

(This is Part 2 of the Video Series Featuring Raghav Joshi)
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Summary Of The Video
In this video, Raghav takes us through his journey of starting at Faasos when it was a small team, and working with the company until it grew to what it is today. His 7-year-long journey culminated in him becoming the COO at Rebel Foods.

He talks about his first day at Faasos and the first few months. He talks about being asked to launch new operations in Bangalore and the south of India. He talks about instituting new practices and finding things to work on in a startup. He shares his preference for working at a startup. He talks about the pros and cons of being employed at a startup. He shares how a startup allows one to be proactive, take ownership and be flexible with the timings.

Further, Raghav talks about the food tech industry and trends in India. He tells us how an organization like Rebel Foods does market research. He also shares insights into customer behaviour related to food tech and how buying behaviour is tracked and gauged.

Finally, Raghav talks about why and how one can get an internship at a startup. He shares how it is not mandatory to join a corporate company during summer placements. He tells us how interning at a startup is a big plus on your CV during final placements.

If you’re curious about the food tech industry or working at a startup, this video is for you.

Key Takeaways
1. The joy of working at a startup is that you have to figure out what to do.
2. Having ownership increases your interest levels.
3. Startups encourage ownership and proactiveness.
4. Get out of your comfort zone while working if possible. It will give you great exposure.
5. Ensuring that a product has the right market fit is important before it is scaled.

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