How A Campus All-Rounder Became The COO Of Rebel Foods (Faasos) – Raghav Joshi, IIM Indore Alum

“I don’t want to change the world, one powerpoint slide at a time.”

In this video, Raghav Joshi, COO at Rebel Foods (formerly Faasos), Ex Deloitte & JP Morgan, IIM Indore alum, talks about his career journey, from an engineering graduate to a consultant and finally COO at Faasos.

Summary Of The Video

In this video, listen to Raghav Joshi as he talks of his journey towards becoming COO at Rebel Foods (formerly Faasos). Raghav shares his story of being an all-rounder at IIM Indore. He tells us why he chose to participate in various activities and competitions. He talks about winning competitions and how these added value to his CV.

Further Raghav talks about getting his career choice wrong 3 times and how he was lucky the 4th time. He talks of working with Valueserve as an engineering graduate. He shares the reason behind choosing to do an MBA, and how strategy roles and functions excited him. He further talks about almost getting a PPO from JP Morgan after his internship, and rejecting it, because he didn’t enjoy the world of finance. He shares the story of working with Deloitte and still not feeling satisfied.

Finally, Raghav shares his story of joining Faasos, now Rebel Foods. He talks about the various roles he performed at a newly formed startup like Faasos and takes us through his 7-year-long journey towards becoming COO.

If you are curious about finding your groove after b – school, and what opportunities exist for you, this is must watch for you.


Key Takeaways

  1. Words like a winner, leader, etc. are great to have on your CV.
  2. Competitions at b – school help you build soft skills, presentation skills and broaden your perceptions.
  3. If you don’t fit into your current role or function, keep exploring. You’re sure to find something you really like.
  4. Until you work in an industry for some time, you’ll not learn about it in depth.

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