I Always Thought I Was Not A Risk Taker – Pragya Batra, Entrepreneur – Bain, INSEAD & IIT D – Part 2

“Making Strategy on paper as a consultant v/s running your own business is a completely different ball game”

What does it take to strike out as an entrepreneur? How do you deal with the uncertainty, the endless work hours and low paychecks? If you want to know how it’s done, check out this video featuring Pragya Batra, Co-Founder @Quirksmith, Ex Consultant @Bain & Co. & INSEAD Alum.

In this video, Pragya shares her entrepreneurial journey with you. She bares all about leaving a cushy job in strategy at InMobi and starting out a venture selling silver jewellery online with her sister as co-founder. She talks about being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated space. Pragya takes you through the major reasons why you’d choose entrepreneurship over a job. She tells you how decision making is more of a short term goal.

Pragya’s journey will inspire you to think about your own priorities and expectations in life. You will question what exactly do you plan to do after B-school and how it will affect you in the long term. Watch this video if you also dream of becoming an entrepreneur but are wondering how to pay off that hefty B-school loans on the way.

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