How The Internet Changed The Way We Shop! ft. Prof Rajneesh Krishna, MICA

In this market-driven world, we’re all consumers. Like it or not, everything you touch, feel, or use around you is a purchased commodity. We have come far from the ancient days of the barter system. No longer is the market a place where you go to buy your commodities. You no longer need to go to a store, speak to a salesman who wants to sell you everything or even wait in line to pay the bill.

Today, your market walks with you, carefully nudges you to try more products and reminds you of the things you’ve left behind in your cart. It’s open 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about not making it to the store in time and all you need to do is select the item, add your details and pay. You’ve made a purchase, sitting on your comfortable sofa while you’re sipping a warm cuppa and browsing through Netflix. Isn’t that perfect?

In this video, Prof Rajneesh Krishna, from MICA talks about the shift from traditional stores to buying everything (right from your cellphones to your undergarments) on the internet. He speaks about an egalitarian market that is open to everyone with much lesser constraints than the now endangered traditional stores.

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