How I Joined SIBM Pune After My Kidney Transplant | Against All Odds – Reema Raykar

At the age of 5, Reema Raykar was diagnosed with arthritis. With immense pain and constant clinical observation, she spent most of her life taking medical support. Often dejected by her fate, Reema found strength in her parents and determined to go ahead in life, no matter what! Beating all odds, Reema fulfilled her dream of getting into a B-School and pursue the career she wanted for herself.

Watch her talk about the journey and the difficulties she faced to reach her goal. Comment below and tell us what is your story of going big and going bold in life.


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One comment

Sravan mudumbai

Reema , you are the best source of inspiration for all of us out there..
You have fulfilled your dream and proven the fact that we can achieve anything in life if we are just determined and by being positive!
All the best Reema
Take care