My Journey From Being A Mother To A TISSian – Against All Odds – TISS

A woman plays many roles – a daughter, a student, a working professional, and a mother. Each role has its own challenges and ever so often, two roles overlap each other, and a woman can either choose between the two or take on a challenge.

Ami Ukey was 8 months pregnant when she sat for her GD/PI round at TATA Institute of Social Sciences, and it was then that she fell in love with TISS. She was at home with her 10-day old son when she got a call confirming her seat at the institute. Ami was surprised but certainly worried about how she would be able to leave her son behind to attend college.

This is Ami Ukey’s journey – from being a mother to a student at TISS. Here’s her take on the challenging yet exciting life as a TISS student and what she thinks the future holds for her and her son.

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