Life As A Consultant At BCG India – Seema Bansal, Director – Social Impact Practice & IIM C Alum

“Who says there is no work-life balance in Consulting?” Seema Bansal, Director At BCG debunks this myth and how!

“BCG looks for people with very high-quality interpersonal skills, empathy, communication skills & teamwork.”

If you want to know the skills required to crack a consulting interview with BCG or the truth about life as a consultant, this video is a must watch for you.

In this video, Seema Bansal Director – Social Impact Practice @BCG India & Asia Pacific, IIM C Alum tells you how to get a PPO at BCG. She tells you of the skills and attitude required to work at BCG and how BCG recruits not just from b-schools but independently as well. Questions about getting a PPO, the interview process, etc are also answered.

Seema also tells you how the life of a consultant plays out. Think consulting is an intensive job which is highly stressful? Think again. Because Seema tells you how consulting can be cool. As a certified scuba diver, a trekker who’s climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro on her 40th birthday and who is currently learning to play the piano and dance the salsa, Seema tells us how being a consultant can be kaafi cool.

From taking family vacations 4 times a year to managing being a mum and a crazy job all at once, Seema paints a picture of the ideal life of a consultant. She shares how to manage work-life balance for any corporate job, and how to be successful with guilt while managing work and family.

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Simran Rigzin

I absolutely love her! She gives such good talks, almost as if we were having a one on one conversation.