My Reliance Summer Internship Journey In 9 Minutes! Vaijayanti (FMS) and Sajal (NMIMS) | Vlog 3

Next up, in the series of summer internship vlogs at Reliance, we have Vaijayanti Ambre (FMS, Delhi) and Sajal Suri (NMIMS, Mumbai). Vaijayanti, who is part of the team of interns for the petrochemical division at Reliance, is an FMS Delhi MBA student who fell in love with the humongous campus of Reliance when she first stepped in. Sajal, being a Mumbaikar, always wanted to get inside and explore the enormous RCP campus as well. His wish was fulfilled when he got an opportunity to intern in the retail division of Reliance. Excited with the opportunity, both the interns decided to vlog about their journey and provide a little glimpse of the campus, people around and the everyday life at Reliance.

As part of her project, Vaijayanti had to prepare a consumer-facing platform where she had to come up with crazy new ideas keeping the B2B2C model in mind. Sajal, on the other hand, got an opportunity to work for on the retail division of Reliance, where he was entrusted with locating newer markets for the religious goods segment.

In this video, the two interns document their journey about how they approached their projects, support they received from mentors, challenges they faced and learnings that they would take back home from this 9-week-long experience of a lifetime. Get a glimpse of the life of a summer intern at Reliance and be part of the extensive learning experience.

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