NMIMS Interview Questions & Answers | How To Crack NMIMS Interviews

The journey from being an aspirant to getting into a b-school has many levels. The first level is to crack the examination, after which you ascend to the next level – GD-PI. It is in these rounds that candidates are further shortlisted before they finally get a ticket to their dream b-school. Interviewers are not only looking for your academics and scores but also your interpersonal skills, your long term goals and your motivation to pursue an MBA.

Just like you, Srihero Yennana, now a student at NMIMS, prepared for his dream b-school interview. Coming from a small town with a vision to do an MBA and work for the improvement of farming as a business in India, Srihero’s interview focused on the variety of work he has done before deciding on an MBA. His crisp answers and his knowledge about the field he wanted to further pursue got him a seat in NMIMS’ 2020 batch.

This is a re-enactment of Srihero Yennana’s NMIMS interview experience. Tune in to know more.

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