Working With A Startup Or An MNC – How To Choose – Ankita Aggarwal, GM – UrbanClap, IIM I – Part 3

In this video, Ankita Aggarwal, AVP – General Manager, Beauty & Wellness, UrbanClap, Ex-Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Ex-Cisco, IIM Indore Alum tells us about women leaders are treated in the corporate world. She shares the challenges of a growing startup and how employees can make sure to choose the right startup to work with.

Summary of the video

Ankita answers various questions about women at the workplace. She shares how women are not treated differently at UrbanClap and how she was allowed to work from home as a new mother. She talks about how she feels women leaders still do have the responsibility of managing house and home despite working.

She shares how one can prevent boredom and stagnancy from creeping into work after a few years. Further, she talks about working at a startup and the challenges faced by a startup. She shares how startups may find it difficult to scale and how she worked around this problem at UrbanClap.

Finally, she talks about how to demand appraisals, especially at a startup. She talks about how one can decide if an appraisal is a possibility or not. She ends with a discussion about horizontal and vertical growth and how to choose between the two.



Key Takeaways

1. Move quickly from wrong decisions.

2. Treating women and men equally is a slow change happening across corporate India.

3. Recognising if a startup can give appraisals involves asking other employees if they got an appraisal as well as finding out the financial position of the company.

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