How To Prepare For Group Discussions – Types of GDs – Summertime Madness Ep #7

This video looks at the different types of Group Discussions for a job interview often used as an elimination round by companies on campuses in India. Reliance Industries and InsideIIM bring you summertime madness – a unique series to help students across top campuses prepare better.

Hi. You must be wondering what I am upto. I am preparing for my GD. My topic is “Art is a four letter word.” I have just finished preparing for “Bricks are strong and Pigs are flying.” There is a certain kind of recruiter who is fascinated by cryptic, abstract GD topics. The way to do well in them is to let your mind fly. Think of creative ways of interpreting the topics and spend some time discussing the various interpretations. Root them in current social and economic realities to exhibit your ability to spot patterns and create analogies.


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