Switching A Job For Higher Salary Is A Stupid Decision – Kenneth Serrao, IIM Ahmedabad Alum And VC

In this video, Kenneth Serrao, Venture Capitalist, Founder & CIO at Alpha Capital Advisors Private Limited, IIM A Alum, answers your questions related to careers, making decisions and lots more.


Kenneth talks about his career and the lessons he learned in this video. He shares insights into just how to make important decisions that matter in life. He talks about perspective, and how after a few years, your goals and expectations change from life. He talks about making decisions based on interest instead of money.

He talks about the pros and cons of entrepreneurship. Ken shares his entrepreneurship experience. He talks about how creating a career as a founder is really tough and how mindsets matter. He answers questions about career selection and day-zero jobs.

Finally, he talks about working in private equity firms and how to work with one. If you’re interested in a career in finance, or day zero jobs from IIM A, this video is a must watch for you.

Key Takeaways

When you see your life decisions in hindsight, they may seem irrelevant. So, don’t stress too much.
There is a very high degree of correlation between campus success, the most coveted jobs and marks.
It’s important to be satisfied as well as grateful on a daily basis.
The difference between satisfaction and happiness is simply being aware that you’re on your way to achieving your dreams and living a better life.


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