Uber Drivers, Maids Make More Than Lower Tier MBA Grads – Kenneth Serrao, IIM A, VC

In this video, Kenneth Serrao, Venture Capitalist, Founder & CIO at Alpha Capital Advisors Private Limited, IIM A Alum, talk about b – school, work culture and what really matters even decades after your MBA.


Summary Of The Video

If you think that an MBA will give you a leg up, you’re right. But beware, because many MBA graduates end up in mediocre jobs, making even less than a well-paid maid. In this video, Kenneth paints the reality of doing an MBA.

He shares how after a decade or so, your degree may become redundant. He talks about how placements are not the be and end all at b – school. He shares how the most important skill you need to pick up is communication. He talks about how every job becomes a sales job after some years. With anecdotes on financial markets, he shares his tales of studying at IIM A, and how excellence is a learned quality. He talks about putting your head down and working hard during your years at b – school because hard work pays. Finally, Ken talks about humility and figuring out what career path one can take.

If you’re curious about how an MBA graduate thinks, acts and believes, even 20 years after graduation, this is a must watch for you.


Key Takeaways

  • When at b – school, you need to put your head down and study. You need to focus on your academics in order to get the best out of b – school.
  • After a point, all jobs involve some kind of sales skills.
  • Communication is an important skill to learn, no matter what job you’re in.
  • Doing an MBA after some work experience may be more impactful.
  • No matter where you are, your attitude matters.


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