Why I Switched From A High Paying Banking Job To UrbanClap – Ankita Aggarwal, GM – UrbanClap | IIM I

In this video, Ankita Aggarwal, AVP – General Manager, Beauty & Wellness, UrbanClap, Ex-Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Ex-Cisco, IIM Indore Alum tells us about choosing to work at a startup called UrbanClap, after gaining experience as a transaction banker with Bank of America. She shares the story of getting married to a person from another religion, a love that met her at b-school.

(This is Part 1 of the video series featuring Ankita Aggarwal)

Summary of the video

In this video, Ankita takes us through her career journey, from studying at IIM Indore to interning at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and finally choosing to work at a newly started UrbanClap. Ankita tells us how she was a marketing enthusiast but chose to intern and further work at Bank of America to get a different experience. She talks about being surprised at getting selected by Bank of America.

Ankita further tells us why she chose to work at UrbanClap, then just a 4-month-old startup. She tells us why she traded stability and a really comfortable job for the relative uncertainty that is working at a startup. She shares just why she felt the need to work with a startup. She tells us how she felt a lack of satisfaction and monotony set in. And how that changed once she joined UrbanClap.

She tells us about working twice as hard and fast at UrbanClap and how that was an immensely satisfying part of her job. She shares how startups encourage ownership and personal growth. She talks about creating new strategies and heading the Salon At Home offering by UrbanClap.

Finally, she shares the story of finding her soulmate at b-school and getting married to him eventually. She shares how it was a daunting prospect because he belonged to a different religion. She talks of the struggle of a convincing family to accept him. She talks about fighting with the world in order to get married!



Key Takeaways

1. In a corporate job, the organisation is very structured, so you may not see the impact that you’re creating.

2. If you’re not happy or satisfied with your job, change immediately.

3. The kind of ownership that you get at startups is mind-boggling.

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