You Don’t Need An MBA To Get Into Facebook – Shubham Khurana, Manager, Facebook, Ex-HUL, XLRI Alum

In this video Shubham Khurana, Client Solutions Manager at Facebook, Ex-Treebo, Ex-HUL, XLRI Alum talks about working at Facebook. He takes us through his role and functions as well as common trends around marketing on Facebook.

(This is Part 2 of the video series featuring Shubham Khurana)
Watch Part 1 of Shubham’s talk here

Summary Of The Video
In this video, Shubham tells us about his role at Facebook. He tells us what a Client Solutions Manager does and just why his role matters. He highlights the different aspects of providing client solutions and shares just what that means. He talks about managing some big advertisers on Facebook. He takes us through his day at Facebook. He tells us just what kind of tasks he performs and how they add value.

Further, he talks about how marketing on Facebook works from an advertisers’ perspective. He talks about a brand he thinks uses Facebook really well as a marketing channel – Nike. He highlights how Nike uses Facebook as the major channel for advertising and what that involves.

Further, he talks about being in a long-distance relationship while at b-school and after. Almost 7 years of a long-distance relationship and then marriage. Shubham tells us how he achieved that!

If you’re interested in becoming a digital marketer, this is a must-watch for you.



Key Takeaways
1. Thinking up strategic solutions around problems in your environment is a valuable skill to have.
2. B-School prepares you for the world outside with hectic schedules and timelines.
3. If you’re really invested in a relationship and committed to your partner, long distance does not matter.

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