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In January 2018, InsideIIM launched a Q&A platform for all MBA aspirants, students and alumni to come together and ask the questions which matter.

From a profile evaluation thread to debates on the most pressing current affairs topics, the InsideIIM Q&A section has gradually become THE platform to get your MBA questions answered.

Here are 6 of the most interesting and most viewed questions on our Q&A platform:

  1. CAT Profile Evaluation
    Here, Team InsideIIM evaluates the future prospects of MBA aspirants, the MBA institutes they should expect calls from and everything around B-School admissions. Have a look at what aspirants asked, and do let us know your queries as well!
  2. What Is It Like To Be A Part Of The TATA Administrative Services?
    The TATA Administrative Services are one of the most reputed and sought-after companies to work for. Consistently at the top of the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey Rankings, TAS has proven to be a dream company for many. But what makes it so special? And more importantly, what is it like to be a part of it?
    Here, an ex-TAS employee answers this questions based on half a decade of experience. A must-read!
  3. Debate – New IIMs vs Old Private B-Schools: Which one should you choose?
    New IIMs are growing at a rapid pace, both in terms of the number of new recruiters as well as CTC offered to students. So if given an opportunity, which one would you choose, and on what basis? Here is what IIM students and aspirants have to say. Share your own views as well!
  4. Should I Take CAT Again?
    Close, but no cigar – A term some CAT aspirants are all too familiar with. One of the most common questions that pop up in any CAT aspirant’s mind: CAT 2017 didn’t work out. Is it worth it to go for it all over again? InsideIIM Founder Ankit Doshi personally answers all our aspirants’ queries. Have a look! Who knows, you may gain something great out of this thread.
  5. What Can Be The Disadvantages Of Being At An IIM?
    Its a fact – A lot of IIM graduates drop out due to the sheer rigour of the 2-year PGP course. So is it a disadvantage to be at an IIM? Here, an IIM Lucknow student clarifies. Do you agree with her? Have a look!
  6. Debate – India IsĀ  A Land Of Frauds And Scams
    2G, Coalgate, PNB, Vijay Mallya, Bofors, Adarsh, Lalit Modi – the list goes on and on. Under various governments, some of the biggest scams have surfaced.
    Foreign think-tanks are now labelling India as a land of frauds and scams. Is it really true? Is it beyond control? What is your opinion?

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