A Walk-Through Of XIMB’s Unique Campus

Every single facet of XIMB campus is unique in its own way. Let’s walk through a few of them.

We are fortunate enough to be accompanied by ever-active hostel pals and seniors whom we can reach out to at any hour of the day and rest assured that timely help is rendered.

Our learned faculties, with sacks of laurels, are quite approachable and down to earth and never miss a chance to amuse us with their thoughtful insights.

Its rich culture is evident from the way in which every activity, event and festive occasion is carried out with great enthusiasm and fun in spite of discipline remaining intact in the system.

There exist a plethora of committees and they are all student-driven. It’s an inspiration to see all the students managing such positions of responsibilities deftly.

While sports amenities and events never fail to arouse the sportsman spirit within each of us, occasional yoga sessions rejuvenate our energy to greater heights.

Library, along with its vast resources, is usually the source of infinite support that stands with us to ensure that our academic journey remains enjoyable despite being cumbersome.

The auditorium has been our go-to place till now for all official as well as cultural events, starting from orientation programmes, competitions and briefings by guests to all sort of formal and business meetings.

Keeping alive the competitive spirit in a friendly atmosphere is a rare mix to find and ought to be treasured.

Besides all these, once you enter the campus, the stretch of roadways guarded by trees seem welcoming you to your abode and aura of the campus possesses inherent power to heal your tiredness and rigour of hectic schedules.

There exist more unique aspects here which can be better experienced and explored than being expressed.

ABG Company that I want to work for

I would like to work with Aditya Birla Capital which manages all the financial services of the Aditya Birla Group. Since it deals with life insurance, private equity, asset management, housing loans and other financial activities I would get an appropriate platform to put my acquired knowledge to practical application in the finance sector as well as to learn significantly from the dignitaries in the company. The work environment there would provide me with a great opportunity to improvise my skill-sets and serve the company to reach newer heights.

XIMB Placement Committee

XIMB Placement Committee