If You Want To Shine Like The Sun, You Need To Burn Like It – IIFT

It was 6:50 A.M, a Monday morning when I reached IIFT campus. Hostels were allocated immediately and we were informed to get ready for the much-awaited orientation program. For the orientation program, as I was entering the academic block the first thing which caught my attention was a simple statement written at the entry:

(If you want to shine like the sun, you need to burn like it.) 

At that moment, I didn’t realize how true these words would turn out be! 

In the first few hours of the first day, we were enlightened by the inaugural speech of an industry elite who made us realize how important is it for leaders to be socially responsible.

Lessons on time management had already begun. With the plethora of activities lined up and the information overload that we are subject to, I believe the best managers are the ones who’re able to squeeze SLEEP in their schedule and at IIFT I’ve already witnessed many. The going got tougher when our Center Head, Professor K. Rangarajan introduced us to the ever-refreshing world of Yoga. Yoga had never been such an enemy but things do change, especially when it enters the world of a sleep deprived MBA aspirant at IIFT.

The diverse group that I met at IIFT, ranging from trade enthusiast, talented speakers and dancers, academicians, creative thinkers and budding thought leaders made me realize that the place would ensure that it gets the best out of myself.


Building a career in ABG:

The career enhancement opportunities, learning and development path and the work life balance that ABG offers is desired by one and all. ABG is one of the biggest brands to work for and if given an opportunity, I would want to work for the Merchandising, Planning and Replenishment division at ABG.

In my previous stint at Mu Sigma, which is one of the largest analytics firms in the world, I’ve worked on solving complex business problems predominantly in the B2B sales and marketing domain. As a part of my 32 months tenure, I also worked on assortment planning and demand estimation using analytical techniques. This helped me gain an understanding of how the retail business functions as well as the factors that must be considered for creating assortment plans. I believe that my knowledge of the retail business and the ability to leverage analytics to make better decisions would be suitable for roles in ABG.

IIFT Placement Commitee