Want To Outsmart Tom? Be Like Jerry – Bell The CAT, The Jerry Way

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

Growing up, Tom and Jerry are two characters that have managed to carve out a very special place in our young hearts. Tom, the CAT, forever tries to trick and trap Jerry, the Mouse, who in spite of being small and clearly takes on someone much bigger than his size, somehow always manages to get the better of Tom and comes out victorious.

Similar is the case with CAT examination as the syllabus to prepare for is immeasurable and questions are anything that the mind can conjure and it all comes down to who knows more rather than how much as it is all relative.

CAT is one of the toughest competitive exams to crack just because of the fact that it has no fixed structure or pattern nor can any questions be predicted, it requires students to dig deep and understand rudimentary concepts and basics to actually be able to Bell the CAT properly.

As a student preparing for CAT, very well knowing all these restraining factors and odds stacked against them and that everyone is competing against not only CAT but against each other, creates a situation where the aspirants are all Jerry and it all comes down to who can get to the mouse hole first and escape Tom and the ones that fall behind perish.

Looking at the challenges that lie ahead lays the solution also, as every problem can be tackled uniquely as per one’s own strengths. So the situation as it stands is that although the CAT exam is unique and very diverse and tricky in nature, the way to success is by outwitting it through individual tricks learnt over the period of time.

Coming down to some tricks and tips which if followed will make Belling Tom easier,
-Learn shortcut methods to solve sums rather than taking conventional routes as time is of essence
-Focusing on basic concepts rather than going for sum solving and understanding approach (as in the end the better the concepts, the better one is prepared for bracing to any questions)
-Mock your way ahead by solving time-based tests at home or at test centers and in these last few days a quick test or two can tip the scales,
-Believe in yourself and know your strengths and know your weakness and don’t try to fool yourself,
-Irrespective of Mock Test results or any other external factors that may be happening always try to intrinsically keep calm and motivated and positive as otherwise the battle will already have been lost even before it begins,
-Trust in yourself and in your abilities and don’t aim above your limitations( Remember CAT is all about relative marking and so negative answers play a huge factor is percentile)

Last but not the least, stay strong and courageous as CAT is not the end of the world, and it can be a friend if you think it to be and if not it can turn out to your worst nightmare. The choice is yours!!