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Full-time Job Opportunity for fresh graduates and alumni who are bored of excel models and pointless powerpoint presentations. InsideIIM Career Services is assisting an exciting new company BrokersPleaseExcuse create its team for Operation Street Hawk!

There’s just too much of the mundane out there. Let’s do something exciting together. Create excel models that you exceute yourself in the real world. How about winning over a client by making a presentation on a napkin? Move over powerpoint decks used only to impress your boss. How about being directly responsible for profits in your company? How about building an exciting new company with some of the best and diverse minds out there?

What you can expect at BPE – 

BPE – The island of misfit Toys!

Get ready to be thrown into the deep end of the pool where you will be combining your sales instincts, execution capabilities as well as operations and analytical skills to revolutionise the landscape of Renting Flats in Mumbai.

Get set to take up responsibility and own execution of processes as well as iterate, ideate and imagine!

If you are young, enthusiastic with an entreprenurial mindset, who likes to build relationships and enjoys working on activities from a desk as well as out on the field i.e. all across Amchi Mumbai this island is for you!

We have a repository of over 4550 flats in Mumbai.

Location: Mumbai

Designation: You will be a part of Operation-Street Hawk

Customers: Working Professionals in MNCs

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About BPE

We had done an interview with the founders a few months back. So know their business from the founders!

You may also want to see the following videos about BPE :

Meet Ken (IIM Ahmedabad alumnus) who reflects on his career

Ken and Deepak share their entreprenurial insight

The Team

BPE has a diverse team made up of bankers, pilots, comperes and relationship managers. Read about some of them below:

Deepak Jhavar aka DJ Most recently seen as a Senior Wealth manager at Edelweiss Capital and managing a team of wealth managers

DJ is the engine that BrokersPleaseExcuse.com runs on. The energy, the legs and most importantly, the smile that keeps everyone up and running. DJ recently set a world record for having the most number of friends of any person who is not active on Facebook. Everybody, everywhere seems to know and like DJ and he seems to know everybody right back. He needs no CRM for managing the sales and has a solution for any and every client

Kenneth Serrao aka Ken Most recently seen as Senior Vice President at Edelweiss Capital working for the Offshore Asset Management division

Ken is the voice of Brokers Please Excuse.com. Having served his dues to the corporate world, Ken set out to experience the world of Bijness along with DJ (a veteran bijnessman). Having done an MBA in General Management at IIM-Ahmedabad, Ken generally manages some things at Brokers Please Excuse.com. While the exact nature of “these things” is not clear, they broadly include the overall business direction, website and the important task of balancing DJ. Oh and Ken claims he came up with the name “BrokersPleaseExcuse.com”

Read in detail about the whole team here



You can apply by clicking on the Jobs section here. Login/Register to access. Resumes can be uploaded or you can use our Resume Maker.

Resume has to be created on InsideIIM.com using the Resume Maker. Uploaded resumes will not be accepted (although there will be an upload option.Ignore it.). Video Resume is optional but preferred.

In case of any confusion please call us between 10 am and 5pm on +91-9321346317


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