Week 3 As A Mahindra GMC Intern – My Mahindra Diaries

The Next 2 weeks…

So the diary continues into the next 2 weeks where I got to learn about the business I was assigned to and the industry in general.

It was an amazing experience to meet the team members dealing with different aspects of the business and engage in insightful discussions. Everyone was willing to discuss and hear my thoughts on the project deliverables and contribute their suggestions and feedback on the same. They helped me think and explore beyond the conventional ideas.

I spent significant time on secondary research to gather as much knowledge as I could on the business and my specific project. The old GMC interns were also great help in guiding me in the right direction and encouraging me to think laterally. My buddy was a constant support and gave me significant amount of his time to ensure I was progressing smoothly in my project. My project guide took special care to check on my work regularly and make me explore even ideas that seemed impossible.

I made visits to few nearby areas for the primary research for my project and gained valuable insights into the business. Despite my lack of fluency in Hindi, I took up the personal challenge to visit local markets and interact with shopkeepers and customers. It was a really gratifying experience for me when I could pull that off!

I am excited with the way my project is progressing and hope that the coming month will be even better.

Anjana Rajmohan

With a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from NIT Trichy and almost 2 years of work experience as an Associate in Operations at Avery Dennison, I am currently an MBA student at IIM Kozhikode. An Operations enthusiast by choice and Bharatanatyam dancer by heart.


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