Week 5 At Mahindra Rise | One Of Asia’s Best Workplaces | Mahindra Finance

The GMC Internship would not have been a great learning experience if not for the friends that I made and the amazing co-workers I have at the workplace. Straight from the Senior Leaders to the team I am part of & the people I met at branch offices at remote locations, everyone is happy to help in whatever way possible. Not only work related, but met really cool colleagues who can lighten up your mood no matter the situation.

It is because of these people that Mahindra Finance is one of the Best Workplaces in Asia. 

As a GMC intern, it’s not only the project learnings that I would takeaway when it ends but also a cool bunch of friends that I made. They are the reasons that make the lunch break something to look forward to. From random discussions to out of the box insights on your project, the cafeteria serves it all!

A great man once said, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Taking inspiration from this phrase, we have had a fair share of our fun in the last 5 weeks. Exploring Mumbai food is my personal favourite. Had it not been for these friends, it would have been a nightmare having to face the huge rush in Mumbai local trains.

Parel to Vidyavihar has become a daily part of my routine & so are the familiar faces of the GMC interns who would be future business leaders, someday!
With the project coming to an end in another week, it’s the last leg of my GMC Internship.

The journey has been amazing till now & expect the same ahead as I enter into the last week of my internship.

Anuj Mishra

SIBM Pune 2018-20