A Week And The Memorable Experience At IIM Sirmaur

It had been a week here at IIM Sirmaur. Slowly and steadily, everyone was getting acquainted with the B-Culture. Obviously, most of the things were new for many of us, the subjects as well. But the enthusiasm and the interest shown by the peers was admiring. Here goes the moment which caught my attention and made me go awe.

So, it was our first lecture of Accounts. Class, consisting mostly engineers, had no idea about the know-hows. Moreover, the terror finance brings with itself puts a different story altogether. We had two back to back Accounts’ lectures that day with a 15 minutes break in between. This was the first lecture of the first ‘long’ weekend. The class got started and our ‘fear’ alongside. We told the faculty, Miss Swati Dhawan, about the hype about Accounts among engineers. She was very calm and said just be with her and asked us to keep ourselves in ‘Blank Space’. And guess what, we started developing interest in finance with time and we got that engrossed that none of us had any idea about the time. Our class started at 8 and it was 10:30 then. We had break at 9:30 but we all were hypnotized by the energy Miss Swati Dhawan was creating and the magic Accounts was showing.

All through my undergraduate, my friends and I had this habit of bunking the classes every now and then. Attending even one full class is a thing of past for many. But that day the whole class was ‘studying’. It was so soothing sight for me to see sincere and disciplined post graduate students showing this level of concentration. And why not? IIM Sirmaur it is.

Aditya Birla Capital

Aditya Birla Capital (ABC) is the umbrella brand for all the financial services business of The Aditya Birla Group. ABFSG ranks among the top 5 fund managers in India. Having a strong presence across the life insurance, asset management, lending, housing finance, equity & commodity broking, wealth management and distribution, online money management portal.ABFSG reported consolidated revenue from these businesses at just under ₹70 billion and profits of about ₹7.5 billion. So ABC being such a high performing and reputed firm among the Aditya Birla Group of companies, AB Capital will be the most ideal one to be recommended for IIM Sirmaur.

– Shivam Tripathi

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team.


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