weekend wordsmiths: Nocturnal Minds

Today started in continuation to yesterday. I was burning the midnight oil, trying to watch “Moulin Rouge!” It was a movie I had wanted to see since forever, which is since I heard the song “Kaisi Paheli Zindgani” from Parineeta. No, since Monica Geller accused Chandler Bing of being gay to love a movie like Moulin Rouge! The movie is everything that can keep me awake: story set in the year 1900, set in Paris, about the Bohemian revolution, a musical, a dark dark film…

It’s 4.45 A.M. now. Some 23 minutes of movie are still left, but a voice inside me says classes from 11.30 A.M. till 9 P.M. It’s the voice of that devious biological clock inside me which bodes well for my health. My roommate is finally done with her assignment aka “Google Searching Random Cow Videos about McDonald’s and Supply Chain something.” Now she’ll sleep.

This is life. You watch movies or TV shows till 4am and complete your month long assignment in 40-45 minutes of searching the web.  As we switch off the lights, I blurt out the truth- “Moulin Rouge! wasn’t what kept me awake, it was my facebook ‘fan’”.

Let me introduce myself. I am a kiddo in front of all the other MBA students who are three-four years older than I. This means marriage on the cards for most them. My classmates talk of the impending doom and how MBA has helped avert the wedding for another two years. Since marriage is what they avoid and what seeks them with an equal force, they go delirious with happiness in believing that my fan is The One for me.

My introduction continues- I finished 12 years of school to go to four years of college to pursue two years of MBA. I am officially student-zoned. I am not looking for The One. Give me a break.

True, the love nest- our NITIE Pond calls out to me. But walks around the waters are a great source to check-out the budding romances between the naughty NITIE- junta. I constantly tell myself-“This is what I want; oxygen, adrenaline and gossip. Shaadi is an exciting prospect, way into future.”

The professor responsible for the assignment on those Cows pops into my mind. He told us during the first day in college that NITIE pond is where many eyes meet, many hearts skip a beat, many love stories blossom, many marriages happen. The pond is the last thing I see from my window before falling asleep.

No. After you have seen the clock saying 5A.M., your mom comes to your mind. You wonder how you are yet to go to sleep when she has woken up. And when you check again and the clock reads 5.17 A.M., you start a mental calculation of hours of sleep you can still hope of catching. It’s more than five. Great! You curse yourself for drinking that cup of tea when ideally one should brush their teeth and go to sleep. You curse yourself for the plate of Maggi along with that chai. You curse the mess food, you curse the weighing machine which is in disagreement with someone who climbs more than 100 stairs everyday to go to class, you curse the 100 steps and when you are out of breath, you curse yourself for having no stamina. You blame lack of sleep. Sleep!

I realize that its 5.37 A.M., a loss of sleep worth 20 minutes. So the last thing I see before dozing off is my mobile. That’s the first thing I see when I wake up. I am practically married, my mobile is The One. No, my bed is The One. The snuggly pillow is The One. This silk quilt is The One…

Yes, I am the one who missed her class.

Vinti Dhawan



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