What Are The Benefits Of Getting The PMP (Project Management Professional) Credential

A globally acknowledged certification, Project Management Professional (PMP) is a big investment in time and money. This validates your professional’s experience in project management. If you have a specified level of knowledge, technical skills and professional commitment, this certification is worth your while. It carries a high level of respect in Information Technology community. PMP certification also gives credibility and reliability to your work around the world. Learn the scores of benefits of getting PMP certified.

A great credential that makes your resume more attractive

If you are looking to build your career in project management, PMP certification is a great credential to add to your resume. It helps you create an important value of yourself compared to other colleagues. Some recruiters even value this more than a master’s degree. Highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, defence and financial services don’t consider anyone without the certification. It is indeed a valuable skill that can give your resume a boost.

Earn higher salaries

PMP holders tend to feel secure in their earning potential. They see a dramatic and steep hike in salary over non-certified managers. As per the survey, Project management professional earns 20% higher than those without certification. Sometimes just having PMP training program can be enough to increase your salary.

Attaining PMP certification shows you a bright person

PMP is difficult. Passing the multiple choice test sets you apart from others. There are oodles of traits that make a good project manager. Speaking the common business language is the best way to convey the message to your employees. This creates an environment where collaboration and innovation can happen more efficiently with less risk. All you need is good judgement, motivational skills, attention to detail, decision-making ability and substantial effort to get the job you want.

Beat the non-certified project managers

Having PMP certification not only boost your salary but beef up a resume and make a difference between getting a job as project manager and not hire as non-certified manager. It shows that you have spent time and effort leading up to and getting PMP certified.  The good news is if you are already working as a project manager there is an opportunity that organisation will pay for you to take the PMP exam. In today’s world,

PMP gets the most challenging projects

PMP is far more challenging than most certifications anyone can come across. Several tests emphasise on an ability to retain knowledge. It shows one’s experience towards project management to handle challenging projects. In addition to this, the exam criteria encompass education and experience for project managers. It can’t be passed by just reading the books. You should have a real world experience on the concepts to crack the exam.

It is a worthwhile investment. Take time to find the best course to give a boost to your career. You will gain knowledge, connections and self-confidence that you don’t otherwise have.