What Are The Visa Requirements For Cyprus

Visa requirements for Cyprus vary from one person to another. It mainly depends upon the purpose of acquiring a visa. Cyprus visas are of different kinds. These kinds include long stay visa, multiple visas and group visa. Likewise, there are different requirements for getting a citizenship in Cyprus and these requirements depend upon the birthplace and age of an individual.

Whenever you want to visit some country, there are some visa requirements, which you have to fulfill. In this article, we will discuss the requirements of visa when entering in Cyprus. Here you go:

The northern part of Cyprus follows the rules of Turkish government as it is under their rule. As far as the rest of the part is considered, there are some guidelines for entering. Some people do not need any visa for entering Cyprus. These people include residents from the EU, Eastern Europe, USA etc. In addition to this, some people who belong to airline flight crews do not need a visa. Apart from this, people having diplomatic passports or having the possession of either temporary or permanent visa do have to acquire a visa for Cyprus. Some students are given the study permit and these students do not need a visa.

As far as the type of visa is concerned, one can acquire one of the several kinds of visas available for entering Cyprus. These types of visas are mentioned below:

–          Multiple-entry visa

The validity date of the multiple-entry visa is one year.

–          Group visa

It is a type of visa that is issued to a group. Under this visa, the group can stay for a period of thirty days. In addition to this, the group is required to enter and leave the country at the same time. The maximum limit of persons in a group is fifty and the minimum limit if five. Besides this, it is required that the head of the group should have his own visa and Passport.

–          Long stay visas

These visas are not given to everyone. People who want to do long term business or want to study in the country get this visa. Besides this, people seeking employment opportunities in the country also apply for this visa.

These are some types of visas offered in the country. As far as the Cyprus citizenship Program is considered, there are some conditions attached to it. For applying for the citizenship, it is essential that the individual is under eighteen years of age. Besides this, Cyprus also allows dual citizenship. Therefore, people having citizenship of other countries can also citizenship for Cyprus. In addition to this, those who have married to a Cypriots can also apply for citizenship after living with their spouse in Cyprus for three years. The individual needs to provide some documents for applying for citizenship. These documents include the marriage certificate, birth certificate, character certificate and so on. On the other hand, if the individual is under eighteen years of age and he was born in some other country, the requirement of documents is different in this case.

Thus, the process of getting visa and citizenship for Cyprus is simple. Individuals can take help from companies that assist in providing this service. These companies charge a little fee according to the service. However, they provide great assistance and perform all paper work legally.